without an exorbitant price tag standing in the way.

Our flagship project Egeira.

A life at Egeira gives you no choice but to celebrate those little moments that make life matter, with a slew of luxuries, amenities and choices that show you just how rich and fulfilling every moment can be.

We create optimised, ideal and beautiful living spaces you can call home.

crafting homes since 1994

Attention to detail from one project

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Attention to detail about one project

Precision to the point of perfection

That's we believe in and work towards. Every little detail matters in every project and we don't shy away from taking our time in perfecting them to meet our standards.
A modern urban oasis with contemporary design, green spaces, and top-notch amenities. Perfect for city living.

You could call it perfectionism, or attention to detail or even fussiness. We call it a refusal to compromise on quality.

Ecstatic families
Developed acres
Years of combined experience
Suppliers across India

1300+ Convenient Homes


29+Years of Combined Experience

09+Diverse Projects

Everything begins and ends with our customers' needs and goals.

By connecting and building a relationship with them, we see their satisfaction — not to mention our success and growth.

Three fundamental principles lie at the heart of every step we take


We maximise everything from our vision, to value, to the potential of every space.  With that mindset, we build spaces that give every resident an unparalleled experience in efficient and enjoyable living.


Nothing is good enough until we examine it with a fine tooth comb and sign off on it. We're very particular about choosing the best for every undertaking, from materials and workers to plans and finishing touches.

Thoughtful designs

We create spaces that look beautiful, of course, but that beauty isn't just on the surface. Aesthetics merges with function to create optimised spaces (there's the O word again) that uniquely cater to the requirements of every resident.

Attention to detail about one project

Attention to detail from one project

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What our customers say about their Levonor experience!


Jaisimha Reddy

I am highly satisfied with my latest purchase of an apartment at Levonor Egeira. Their steadfast commitment to outstanding quality, transparent communication, and detailed attention to every aspect facilitated a smooth and trouble-free transaction. The modern aesthetic, exceptional craftsmanship, and thoughtful amenities in my new home have greatly exceeded my preliminary anticipations. I wholeheartedly recommend Levonor Egeira for anyone in pursuit of a reliable and remarkable living experience.


Kiran Reddy Visireddy

 I have called PRAZANTA home for over two years now. The project exemplifies careful execution and meticulous planning, living up to every promise made by the builder. There is a deep representation of PRAZANTA's essence echoed throughout the community. It stands tall showcasing remarkable traits including faultless construction, well-thought-out project planning, and punctual delivery. Moreover, it breathes life into the PRAZANTA spirit, fostering a warm and lively environment for its residents.


Prakhar Sharma

Levonor is synonymous with quality, a trait prominently visible in the outputs they present. They consistently go the extra mile to ensure top-notch amenities, showcasing a dedication rooted in enhancing the lifestyle of their customers rather than merely pursuing profits. This steadfast commitment is reflected across their past and current projects. Egeira stands as a pinnacle of excellence, introducing an unprecedented feature of having 2 clubhouses within a community of 3 towers.


Dinesh Mahi

I am thrilled with my choice to purchase a flat in the Levonor Egeira high-rise apartments at Kollur. I am confident that this area will become a premier location in a few years, given its immediate access to ORR exit 2 and close proximity to Kokapet and the financial district. The thoughtfully designed floor plans, elevated ceilings, and swift parking access ramps were significant factors in my decision. The added benefit of extensive amenities, including two clubhouses and party lawns, elevate the allure of this venture. I eagerly anticipate the project's completion to fully immerse in an enhanced living experience.

Our projects are a culmination of our pursuit of connection and excellence.


Levonor Prazanta is a serene oasis nestled in the heart of the city. This modern villa community offers a harmonious blend of contemporary design, lush green spaces, and state-of-the-art amenities, making it an ideal place to call home.


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Our Flagship Creation, Egeira
Beautiful spacious homes with every amenity you need to live a fulfilling life. Because every moment matters.

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