Building modern, beautiful and accessible living spaces with the utmost precision & passion.
Levonor was founded with a vision of creating a company that would truly care about our clients, providing them with the highest level of customer service and helping them own their dream homes at an affordable price.
“Levonor was founded with the belief that exceptional design should be accessible to all, without an exorbitant price tag standing in the way”
Message from Founder

Levonor - The Brand Story

Let's take you back to where it all began. Back in the ancient times of 1994 (okay, not that ancient, but still), we started our journey under the name 'Shaili'. Those days were epic – we successfully pulled off five amazing projects that made people say, "These guys are ahead of their time”.
Then, in 2017, we decided it was time for a makeover, because change is good, right? So, we transformed into a modern brand 'Levonor' under which 3 promising projects have come to life. Ready to take on the world with even more contemporary designs that would make Gen-Z swoon.


Convenient Homes


Ecstatic Families


Years of Combined Experience

Three fundamental principles lie at the heart of every step we take


We maximise everything from our vision, to value, to the potential of every space.  With that mindset, we build spaces that give every resident an unparalleled experience in efficient and enjoyable living.


Nothing is good enough until we examine it with a fine tooth comb and sign off on it. We're very particular about choosing the best for every undertaking, from materials and workers to plans and finishing touches.

Thoughtful designs

We create spaces that look beautiful, of course, but that beauty isn't just on the surface. Aesthetics merges with function to create optimised spaces (there's the O word again) that uniquely cater to the requirements of every resident.

The team building the future of Hyderabad

Varun Jupally
Managing Director
Sravan Reddy Muskula
Sharaschandra Chennamaneni
Rakesh Reddy Mandala
Srujith Reddy Pingili
Head of Operations
Shanti Kiran Potluri
Head of Planning
Our company's success is built on the foundation of a strong and supportive work culture. We believe in empowering our team members to reach their full potential and work collaboratively to produce work that exceeds expectations.
"The dividing line between work and play is very thin at Levonor. We're a young yet experienced team driven by ambition, always willing to go the extra mile, focusing on the impact we create in our designs and output rather than clocking hours."
Shanti Kiran Potluri

People we work with

DesignInk Spaces
TUV Rheinland
PMC & BIM Services
Synergy Consultants
Mechanical, ectrical and plumbing engineering
Zaki & Associates
Naveen Associates
ARSA Engineering
Structural Peer Review
Vertical Transportation
GMD Consultants
Precision Consulting
Costing Strategy
Parentheses Studio
Brand Concept & Design
Ramesh Kochchar
Project Management Consultant
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Ashok Kumar
Legal Advisor
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Come work with us

Our team is close-knit. The projects we work on are select. Our vision is sacrosanct. Come join us, the learning will be immense.

Send us your CV and tell us why we’d be great together.
Our Flagship Creation, Egeira
Beautiful spacious homes with every amenity you need to live a fulfilling life. Because every moment matters.

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